Here’s what some clients have said about representation by The Hemphill Firm, P.C.

Linda, Thanks to your excellent representation, your believing in me, your seeing my case through to the end, your prayers for me, I have been given a second opportunity in life to be the best I can be and help other people along the way. It is unheard of that a 60 year old man can start all over in life, like a phoenix rising out of the ashes of despair into a land of opportunity where the milk and honey flows. You always gave me good advice and you always cared about me not just as a client but also as a person. I love you, Linda and your entire staff.
— Ken Cooper, M.B.A., M.S., Employment Law
Linda Hemphill and her staff are awesome to work with. They listen to their clients and understand that there are issues much more important than money. The Hemphill Firm righted a wrong, cleared our names, and put us on the path to becoming whole again. Thank you so much!
— Randy Foster, Chief of Police, Bloomfield, New Mexico
Dear Linda: There are no adequate means to thank you and your team for the hard work and support I received during the development of our lawsuit. You understood and correctly applied concepts from my specialty area of employment. It meant so much when you validated that I had been treated very badly. I will be forever grateful for your knowledge, work ethic and availability as a support for me during this successful process.
— Sondra Everhart, former New Mexico State Ombudsman, Aging & Long-Term Services Department
Linda, to you and your staff, we cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work. Your continuously pushing the envelope and working patiently with us has made us feel we got the best possible deal we could get for our cases and we will always be appreciative. It is a surreal feeling to know that this has all finally come to an end and there was a happy ending.
— Anthony and Victoria Penner
You helped me so much and you got me. You gave me hope and you enabled me to finally call bullshit on how I was treated [by my employer]. People were scared of messing with me too much. I am really thrilled there is a Hemphill Firm. You are a rock star!
— Dr. Jaqueline Kiplinger
Linda Hemphill was my attorney representing me for a lawsuit stemming from a hit-&-run that happened to me. Due to her thoroughness & preparedness, the result was very satisfactory. Linda kept me up to date on each step, so I knew what was going on & had a general time line in mind. I felt confident through out this time that Linda would get the best outcome for me. She did.
— Kathy Riley
Dear Linda, truly I cannot convey my feelings in words. As I told you at our first meeting, I am truly grateful you allowed me to squeeze into your already hectic schedule, to offer me your knowledge and grace. I’ve said several time as as I did that day that it was NOT ALL about the money, it wasn’t and still isn’t. I’ve also said throughout this experience that I was learning a lot….not only regarding the law. You have shared and taught me so much more than your knowledge of the law. You’ve shown and taught me honor, integrity, grace, forgiveness, accountability, faith and so much more…..I remember looking across the table at mediation at you and listening as you artfully took my hurt and angry words and truthfully presented them with such grace. I saw and felt you lift us all by sharing your life experiences and family with us as well as listening to ours and reminding me I was not alone.
— Cynthia Bishop
Dear Linda: I want to thank you so much for all the hard work you and your staff did on my case. Dealing with GEICO was one of the worst experiences of my life. We could not understand why an insurance company would treat us so badly, especially since I was the one rear ended at a stop light! Thankfully, we took you advice and were able to get a fair settlement in the court ordered mediation. The process was frustrating and worth it in the end. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone seeking legal help.
— Daisy G.
Linda Hemphill is an excellent attorney who pursued my personal injury case with tenacity and vigor.  It was emotionally difficult to relive the circumstances surrounding my injury.  Linda was able to explain the civil litigation process, support me during the discovery phase, and reach a fair and reasonable settlement during a mediation. I highly recommend Linda and her staff for the kind and pragmatic approach for any legal representation.
— Margaret McLean